NOTE: For all head kill shots (between the ears and eyes, a “JFK”) you receive FREE cutting (does not include manufacturing costs).

Services Offered

  • Cutting – boneless
  • Vacuum sealing
  • Steaks – butterflied
  • Roasts – boned and vacuum sealed to hold freshness for maximum time in freezer

Manufacturing (45% pork)

  • Corned Beef
  • Sausage (Mild, Hot, Honey-Garlic)
  • Pepperoni (Mild, Hot)
  • Smoked (Mild, Hot)
  • Salami (with pepper or without)
  • Ground (with or without pork)

Why do we de-bone?

  • De-boning creates less problems with the vacuum seal – allowing the seal to hold the freshness longer in your freezer.
  • Improves the taste. When bone defrosts, it gives off a very gamey odour which can affect the taste of the meat.

Why do we use 45% pork in our manufacturing process?

We have discovered that 45% pork provides the perfect amount of moisture – eliminating dryness as well as the strong gamey taste.

Tips for bringing game in

  • Skinned
  • Cleaned – no dirt/gravel
  • Wrapped in plastic or cheesecloth (if possible), because this will:
  • Keep the table clean
  • Be better for the knives
  • Create less waste for you, the customer

Upon bringing your game in, you will receive an order number. Please keep this number handy for when you pick up your order as it will make it easier for us to find your order. We will call you when your order is ready for pick up. Please don’t call us. We will call as soon as the manufacturing for your order is complete.

Finished product care

Picking up your order

  • You will be notified as soon as your order is completed and is ready for pick up. Please bring the number you were given when you dropped off your meat.
  • Come with boxes or coolers to put your finished product in.