In June of 1961, Wolfgang and Christa Leska emigrated from Germany to Canada. Wolfgang was an accomplished butcher and by 1967, he and his wife were owners and operators of the Markham Delicatessen. They continued to run this deli until 1981, when they decided to take a break from the business and move north.

After only 5 years, they were back in the deli business again, this time taking over Orr’s Meat Market and transforming it in a couple short years to Leska’s Meat & Delicatessen.

With the help of their son, Erich, they grew the business over the next seven years until the sudden death of Wolfgang in 1995. At that time, Erich and Christa made the decision to continue with the business. Through the ensuing years, Erich honed his skills as both a butcher and manufacturer. Erich completed a spicing course at the University of Guelph, and further developed his ability to combine meat and spices for new flavours and wonderful seasonings.

Since 1986, Leska’s Meat & Delicatessen continues to mix old world tradition with new world techniques to produce a wide array of prepared products.

Leska’s is a true family business with Christa still behind the deli counter and Erich continuing to butcher and manufacture throughout the year including hunting season.

Hunting season continues to keep us very busy while we take the most care in cutting and manufacturing your meat.

All products are made with no binders and are glucose free.

Everything is vacuum packed and boneless from cutting to manufacturing.

All products from start to finish are made on the premises.

We are your one stop Meat & Deli Shop!